FORUS Global Digital Exchange

Public Utility Blockchain


The FORUS Global Digital Exchange is a public utility blockchain and ecosystem solution that provides a single, global, universal and trusted, user authentication platform for both mobile and web based transactions, for the banked and the unbanked.

FORUS was created to enable:

  • the alleviation of poverty;
  • the building of a generative economy;
  • the creation of sustainable return for the investors;
  • whilst simultaneously generating sustainable capital returns for the communities using the platform.

We have established the FORUS Foundation whose purpose is primarily to ensure that the technology deployed by FORUS is protected for all users and from greed into perpetuity. It will issue all licenced use on the FORUS Platform, and apply it’s funds to creating tech solutions to some of the world’s most pressing issues.

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The FORUS Core stack, built around blockchain technology, has been designed from inception as a secure, loosely coupled, distributed, scalable service in the cloud which not only enables a transactional ecosystem rich in functionality and possibility, but one which can be extended by third-parties wishing to deploy additional processes as a source of utility through their own secure scripts and smart code contracts.

Whilst the core banking functionality provides and supports traditional payment switching and legacy banking services, it also supports a range of newer protocols such as Inter-ledger for inter-bank and ledger communication as supplementary to its own real-time cross-border settlement capability.

The federated and distributed blockchain implementation of the core provides a high-performance, secure, immutable ledger combined with rich permissions which allows privacy right down to role, transaction and contract level. The nature of data or information stored in the blockchain is highly customizable whilst remaining searchable which enables a host of functionality including line item searches, real-time inventory optimization and more.

PAYMENTS & Banking

The payment functionality will be made available to all banks, financial institutions, merchants, application developers, and corporate enterprises, and will allow anyone to use this free payment gateway with a built-in advertising platform.

The solution is inclusive and includes:

  • Free e-wallet functionality for secure, real time micro-payments anywhere, anytime.
  • E-commerce functionality for small businesses/ hawkers / spaza (informal) shops via any device.
  • Pay or receive funds from anyone, anywhere, anytime for FREE
  • Beneficial shareholding in an internationally listed company for the first 200 000 000 FORUS Foundation Members
  • Access to low-interest loans, funding, financing for capital and business expenditure
  • Collective / community affiliate clubs able to pool collateral for large scale funding projects

Mahala TV is a business tool for content producers to monetise and distribute their content through a multi-channel platform supported by an innovative advertising model that operates within the FORUS digital currency exchange and ecosystem. users are able to not only share their content on any platform, but can also receive real time revenue payments from smart AI driven advertising tools that can monetise any platform including social media.

Producers who utilise also have the opportunity to become part of the Collective that provides additional benefits including access to funding and more.

  • A cloud hosting platform for content producers wanting to own, monetise and distribute their content.
  • An embeddable media player for use across multiple platforms.
  • An automated and AI enabled advertising system to monetise content with a percentage of advertising revenue paid to producer.
  • A Blockchain based system enabling secure and real time payments.
  • A tool for e-commerce, enabling in-video buying, secure micropayments, subscription models, bespoke digital stores, apps and more.
  • A platform for crowd-funding content production.
  • A digital ecosystem for members that enables access to funds for content production.
  • A multi-channel content management system with opt-in opportunities for pushed content for additional advertising revenue.
  • A cooperative community.

Cloud Funder

Cloudfunder invests in startups, small businesses, social-purpose managed funds, and cooperative lending programs for the true foundation of a global economy – a thriving small business network that operates locally and in a global environment.

Join us in building a network of investors that can create a more successful and more responsible planet

We combine resources with visibility, accountability and ethical business practices; Cloudfunder provides the highest standards of oversight while avoiding cumbersome regulatory constraints that stand between entrepreneurs and the funding they need to establish and grow their businesses.

Transparent Terms

Cloudfunder small business loans have no fixed monthly payments with no origination fees or prepayment penalties. We simply charge a 3% business administration and processing fee on your sales if you use your credit facility. You can review the impact on your business before taking a loan, so there won't be any surprises.

Simple Process

Securely link your business information online to get an automatic financial review. This lets us evaluate your business right away without requiring you to track down financial statements.

Convenient Access

Withdraw from your line by logging into your computer, using our mobile app or swiping your FORUS Card. You'll have the security of a line of credit you can use whenever you need it, wherever you are.

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Member Benefits

FORUS is a Global Digital Exchange. The platform helps organizations, churches, non-profits, small businesses and individuals globally by creating access to capital to do great things! We will be rolling out the functionality and benefits on the platform in planned phases during 2018.

Capitalising Ourselves

Join other members in the FORUS community.
FORUS is free. We rely on individual sponsorship to operate the FORUS platform. Your donation will help contribute towards creating wealth in our communities. Please pay it forward - every $10* donated enables us to include another person in the FORUS global community. Sign-up or sponsor here.


Access to loans, funding, financing capital, business expenditure
Access to loans, funding, financing capital, business expenditure will be made available. FORUS are committed to non-exploitative lending practices, and will only engage in production lending.

Community Crowd Funding

Collective community affiliate clubs are able to pull collateral for large scale funding projects.
Communities can pool collateral for funding projects. Our Cloud Funder platform will enable us to combine resources with visibility, accountability and ethical business practices; Cloud Funder provides the highest standards of oversight while avoiding cumbersome regulatory constraints that stand between entrepreneurs and the funding they need to establish and grow their businesses.

Peace of Mind

All funds are fully insured and underwritten
The business model at the heart of the project and the legal form, combined with the technological product offerings will turn business as usual on its head. The combination of the FORUS Corporate and FORUS Foundation structures ensure that the FORUS Global Digital Exchange is maintained into the future and deployed in the service of People and Planet, and in profit making activities using the platform; revenues are shared to ensure capital growth is achieved for all.

E-commerce funtionality

E-commerce funtionality for small businesses, hawkers, spaza shops via any device.
The FORUS Platform will enable all to engage with E-commerce functionality. Small traders, hawkers, spaza shops and artists will be able to engage in E-Commerce via any device.

Free e-wallet payments

Pay or receive funds from anyone, anywhere, anytime for FREE
Instant transfers - Never charges you money – Cannot take money from your account without you saying it can go - It will return to you or it’s chosen community As much as it makes - So it makes you and your community wealthy.

Road to

economic Freedom

Step #1 Sign-up

Sign-up (We are here NOW). Join the revolution and sign up and become a sponsor. Sign-up or sponsor here

Step #2 Blockchain Payments

Banking and payment platform will be released on our open blockchain, with various payment mechanisms, including web, mobile and traditional cards for use at retailers.

Step #3 Lending Platform

The FORUS Lending Platform will be activated. This lending platform will be for production loans to small business, film funding and the agricultural sector initially. Lending will be Sharia compliant.

Step #4 Digital Currency

FORUS will launch it's own digital e-currency, directly linked to FIAT currencies.
Getting Ready For Free Payment and Commerce Solutions


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